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Bluebird completed two major home renovations for us. Most recently, the kitchen, living room, dining room, entry, powder room, laundry and mud room are completely redesigned and beautifully finished. Their design and construction was done meticulously, on time, and for a very fair price. Our ordinary home is transformed into a magazine worthy show place. We could not be more pleased! Trust Bluebird for all your home renovation projects. We plan on doing more remodeling and I would never consider any other company. Need ideas? Recommendations? Help with plans and wonderfully done construction? Call Bluebird.
— Debbie Moss | Salt Lake City, UT
Our project was to remodel our galley kitchen, living room and dining room in a 1970’s constructed condominium complex. Remodels of condos have added challenges that individual dwellings do not have (noise, dust existing pipes, wiring that travels through multiple units etc.). We wanted to raise the ceiling in our living room and kitchen to match the living room space and remove 2 existing walls to open up the space. Bluebird started the demolition on September 30th and by October 1st the area was completely gutted and all of the debris was removed. Next came the electricians, plumbers, drywallers and painters. All of the crews were efficient, respectful of our time and at the end of an 8 or 10 hour day took the time to tidy up or clean up if their portion was completed. The construction portion of our project was completed within 6 weeks and we are extremely happy with the work. Bluebird lived up to their name and did a “bluebird” job. We would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone.
— Kristine Welker | Salt Lake City, UT
This company is extremely professional and reliable. The sub contractors used by Bluebird reflected the same level of dedication and attention to quality as that of the contractor. The contractor was always involved and informed on the progress made by his crew. The contractors confidence and ability were such that we relied on him to make many of the decisions for the remodel of our kitchen and master bath. In fact, we left the Country for a month while the project was underway. The contents of our house were well cared for and progress continued during our absence. We wanted a complete remodel of our master bath but had few ideas of our own. With a very general explanation of what we wanted, the contractor was able to design and build our dream master bath. When our house remodel was completed, we hired the contractor for a second job to reconstruct our deck. Hopefully we are done with construction on our house for awhile, but when needed in the future, we will return to Bluebird.
— The Harpers | Salt Lake City, UT
Facts: We desired a wall removed between two unused basement bedrooms to make one big guestroom. Zac did that and also reconfigured the bedroom closet making it larger and more functional. We also followed Zac’s recommendation to remove a closet in the entryway from the garage leading to the new guestroom. It opened up the space DRAMATICALLY! We now have a terrific entry from our garage into the house. It’s a much better introduction not only to the beautiful guestroom but to our whole house. Zac was right on with his original bid.

If you are looking for a contractor that will deliver a finished project that far exceeds your initial vision, with extremely talented and respectful workers (actually cleaning up after themselves daily!!!), and who is professional in every way, you will find exactly that in Zac with Bluebird Construction. We will definitely use Zac again when our next project comes up.
— The Jensens | Salt Lake City, UT
I am a homeowner in the Millcreek area of SLC. My house was built in 1948 and was a serious fixer-upper when my family moved in. We worked at fixing it up for 10 years, but needed a workshop turned back into the original garage space, and needed some outside roofing, soffett and fascia work. Zac is a man with great vision, and is very conscientious about establishing an accurate estimate of cost, explaining the reason for all costs and is sensitive to the wishes of the homeowner. In addition, he is very careful about producing blueprints for the work, obtaining permits and required inspections, and communicating about what is planned on the project. Also, the craftspeople that he employs are outstanding, cheerful and efficient, and know what they are doing. I placed the remodeling of my home in the hands of the Bluebird crew, and felt very comfortable with the oversight of the job, as well as the work done by all of the many craftspeople that I encountered. I had no reason to worry about the process, and have not been disappointed with my new garage, new roof, new soffet and fascia, new kitchen remodel, and all of the other things that were tacked on along the way. We worked within the confines of the original bid and only exceeded this because of the extras I tacked on. I highly recommend this company. You will not be disappointed!
— Kris Pierce | Salt Lake City, UT
This is the 3rd renovation that Zac (Bluebird Renovations) has completed for me. As always, the work was completed in a timely manner, the quality of the work was exceptional, and we adhered to the original estimate/budget. I will definitely call Bluebird Renovations for my next project!
— Brian Muir | Salt Lake City, UT
I hired Bluebird Renovations to renovate my main floor. The renovation included removing a wall between the kitchen and dining room, remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, changing the layout of the bedroom and office, moving a door, redoing stairs, removing the stairwell wall on the main floor all the way to the basement, and installing all new hardwood floors. Zac was very professional and helped me a lot with the overall design. There were workers at my house almost very day for over two months. The job was completed on time and mostly on budget. Of course, once construction began, there were some unexpected costs (which was not surprising because I have an older home). During construction I changed some of the design and added some additional work. Zac was flexible and bid the additional work. The finish work done by Zac was really great. He was great to work with and I would use him again.
— Maria Garrett | Salt Lake City, UT
Bluebird Renovations did an excellent job in the renovation of our home. We communicated to Zac (owner) in the beginning that we wanted our home to look “amazing” at completion and it absolutely does. We are very satisfied. If you’re looking for a perfectionist - you’re looking for Bluebird Renovations.
— Karen Baty | Centerville, UT
For our restaurant remodel, we used Bluebird and were very pleased with the final result. Zac was very easy to work with and we appreciated his reliability, honesty and follow through. We would definitely use Bluebird again in the future.
— Caroline Stewart | Salt Lake City, UT