Bluebird Renovations has several ways we can work with you on your project.

How We Work

Bluebird Renovations’ Design-Build concept focuses on combining the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the home remodeling process.  The combination of these functions will not only allow you to have just one entity to deal with,  design changes, project feedback, budgeting, or construction issues can all go through one single point of contact.  Although we offer both design and building services, you may choose to use only one of these services depending on the needs of your project.  


Complimentary Consultation


Bluebird Renovations will work with you to establish the goals, and functions of your project while taking into account your budget, code and building regulations.  Based on this information, we offer a preliminary estimate for your project.

ince building a detailed estimate can take hours to complete, Bluebird provides this service once we are selected as the preferred contractor.


Building Services


Bluebird Renovations is a full service construction firm, specializing in high-end and large-scale projects – we are fully licensed and insured.  As part of our building service, our contracts contain terms of agreement as well as payment schedules to ensure that there is a mutual understanding of what is expected as part of the process.    Over the years, we have created great working relationships with our subcontractors who understand and follow our same commitment to our customers.  All of our subcontractors are also licensed, bonded, and insured to do business in Utah.

Building Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Project Estimate
  • Project Timeline 
  • Obtaining All Required Permits
  • Overseeing Inspections
  • Coordinating Building and Subcontractor Schedules 
  • Engineering Structural Plans (If Applicable)
  • Budget Management
  • Job Satisfaction/Completion

*Prices for Building Services are subject to the scope of work as outlined by the client/contractor consultation.


Design   Services


Bluebird Renovations will give you the remodeling information you need to help understand the renovation process while exploring new possibilities that stay within your budget.  We will provide you with multiple design schemes to reach your ideal solution – both aesthetically and functionally.  As part of this process, we will measure your existing structure and create computer generated floor plans for your review.  We will then provide you with permit-ready architectural drawings of the final approved design. 

Design Services Include:

  • Client Consultation
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Zoning Report
  • Design Schemes
  • Client Approved Permit-Ready Drawings
  • Product Resources

*Prices for Design Services are subject to the scope of work as outlined by the client/contractor consultation.